How To Start an OnlyFans Management Agency? A Step-by-step Guide From a $100k Agency Owner

A step-by-step guide from an Agency owner to aspiring agency owners to learn how to start an OnlyFans management and marketing agency. This is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to start an OFM.

Are you interested in diving into the lucrative business of OnlyFans management? Or do you want to know how to combine talent with data-driven strategies to multiply profits? If so, you have landed on the right page.

OnlyFans is a multi-million dollar platform with explosive opportunities for everyone involved to scale up rapidly. There is a huge market for OnlyFans agencies that help talent emerge exclusively on the platform. 

This guide will take you step by step through the process of launching a brand-new OnlyFans agency. So, without further ado, scroll down to find out. 

How to start an OnlyFans Agency

What is An OnlyFans Management Agency?

An OnlyFans management agency is a business that involves a team of niche specialists working together to manage and market OnlyFans creator accounts. These groups of experienced professionals offer a wide array of management services to creators in order to allow them to focus on content creation. 

OnlyFans management agencies are committed to the organic growth of their models' OnlyFans accounts and go above and beyond to maximize their sales. Most OnlyFans agencies work on a partnership basis and take a cut of their model’s monthly earnings, ranging between 15% and 50%. However, a newly launched OnlyFans agency can charge a small fixed fee from its models to get started.

What Services Does an OnlyFans Agency Provide?

 Before we start learning the process of launching an OnlyFans management agency, let’s see what services an agency offers to its models.

Content Management

OnlyFans marketing agencies handle every aspect of the content creation of their models. The following are the content-related services provided by an OnlyFans agency:

  • It informs its models about the latest industry trends, 
  • Guides them on how to produce enticing content, 
  • Source high-end tools like cameras, props, venue arrangements, etc.,
  • It gives final editing touches to the content
  • Finally, it schedules posting times depending on the conversion rates on the creator’s profile.

Brand Development

The focus of an OnlyFans agency is to support its creators in emerging as brands. It assists in refining their niches and does a consistent branding of their profile across various social media and adult platforms. 

DMs Handling

An essential service of an OnlyFans agency is handling the DMs of its model’s account. The expert chatters communicate with fans on your behalf and leverage mass messaging features to maximize your sales.

Growth Through Marketing

OnlyFans management and marketing agencies promote its model’s creator account and the content on social media and content monetization channels to attract more buyers.

Ensures Legal Compliance

An OnlyFans agency ensures its creator’s account, content, and earnings are within legal limits by keeping all payment records and handling tax obligations. 

Regular Tracking and Data-Based Analytics

An OnlyFans agency applies a data-driven approach and regularly tracks the performance metrics of its creators. It assists them in identifying the factors impeding the model's OnlyFans growth and the top converting content.

Is It Legal to Launch An OnlyFans Management Agency?

Of course, running an OnlyFans agency is a legal money-making business. However, some precautions must be taken when dealing with adult content. For example, before entering into an agreement with an OnlyFans model, you must have a lawyer who can clearly communicate the rules, consent, compensation, and your agency’s rights regarding the model's OnlyFans account or content.

Moreover, it is critical to maintain transparency to ensure great experiences. For example, to avoid future conflict, be confident and upfront about the percentage of income your agency will deduct from the model's earnings. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting an OnlyFans Management Agency

Once you have learned and decided about launching your OnlyFans management agency, follow the steps mentioned below in order to start collectively.

Step One: Start Your Agency With a Strategy

Before you start any business, you must prepare a plan and line of action to begin effectively. Consider determining the following factors to launch your OnlyFans agency.

1. Decide the Type of Your OnlyFans Agency

Based on your budget, skills, and preferences, decide what type of OnlyFans agency you want to establish. Some popular options on the list include:

  • OnlyFans Management Agency: An OnlyFans management agency handles the creator’s account. The primary responsibilities of this type of agency include content management, DM handling, on-site promotions, PPV sales, and regular growth analysis.
  • OnlyFans Marketing Agency: OnlyFans marketing agency specializes in promoting creators' accounts. The services include social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, paid campaigns, collaborations, shoutouts, and anything that can generate organic traffic.
  • Hybrid Agency: These are all-in-one OnlyFans agencies that provide the models with all management, marketing, and consulting services.

2. Legal Requirements

You must learn and comply with legalities according to your country’s jurisdiction to start a credible OnlyFans agency. Utilize online and offline resources to learn about the rules regarding adult content monetization in your area. Moreover, obtain the necessary licenses or passes and register as an OnlyFans agency. 

You must also have a lawyer to handle agreements with your models later. Also, learn about the tax rules, age verification, record keeping, and other legal rules to deal with adult content safely.

3. Finances and Bank Accounts

Search banks that allow opening a business account for OnlyFans agencies. Once found, select a credible option and open a new account dedicated to your OnlyFans agency business. You will receive commissions and deliver team salaries through this account.

4. Model Personas

Determine which channels you will use to access OnlyFans models and the creators with whom your agency will collaborate. The models' age, niche, fan base, and earnings are all advised considerations.  

Step Two: Build Your OnlyFans Agency Brand

Like an OnlyFans model needs branding to attract buyers, you must brand your newly-made OnlyFans agency to attract models. Professional branding is required to reflect your specialties and services to OnlyFans creators. Moreover, proper publicity of your newly-made OnlyFans agency across various platforms represents your credibility and commitment to helping your creators grow.

Follow the steps mentioned below for professional-level branding for your OnlyFans agency:

  • Name: Decide on your OnlyFans management agency’s name. Consider selecting an easy-to-read and attractive brand name.
  • Logo: Once you have decided on the name, get an attractive logo for your agency. 
  • Official Website: Invest in creating an official website for your OnlyFans agency in order to establish an online presence. Design your agency’s website for SEO purposes to rank in search results.
  • Include Services and Payment Gateways: After establishing your agency’s official website, include all services and rules for partnering with your agency. Additionally, incorporate reliable payment gateways for a smooth process.
  • Make a Social Media Presence: We live in the social media age, and having a presence on all prominent channels like Twitter and Instagram is necessary to access potential OnlyFans creators.

Step Three: Build a Team For Your OnlyFans Agency

Although it is up to you to decide whether you need to form a team or if you can manage the creator's account on your own to save expenses, you can hire the following specialists at your OnlyFans agency at the initial stage:

  • Social Media Experts: If your OnlyFans agency offers marketing services, you must hire a social media expert to promote your model’s profiles effectively.
  • Virtual Managers: These management experts can handle on-site management of accounts with regular analysis.
  • Chatters: You must hire chatters with excellent communication skills to increase sales.
  • Content Experts: These individuals are OnlyFans experts and guide models to create trending content and post it attractively to engage audiences.

Step Four: Search and Reach Out OnlyFans Models 

After establishing your online presence and an initial team, it is time to determine your client requirements. Consider creating an ideal model profile, adding details like age, niches, and content of your ideal clients to develop mutually beneficial relationships. It is important to note that agencies that work with established models create better profiles than models just starting out. 

After deciding on your preferred client personas, search for OnlyFans models on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Consider the following factors before starting an agreement with the OnlyFans model:

  • Analyze models' work history and work ethic using their social media and OnlyFans handles. Remember that only dedicated and focused clients can benefit your newly-made OnlyFans agency.
  • Look for professional hard workers rather than quick money grabbers for long-term contracts.
  • Pursue OnlyFans models that consistently post high-quality content in order to avoid time wasters. 
  • If you are a niche-based OnlyFans agency, hire models that create content in your areas of interest.

Step 5: Create an Efficient Onboarding Process

An effective onboarding process must be established to get things started professionally on both ends. Follow the steps mentioned below to begin your contracts:

  • To avoid future misunderstandings, explain your pricing to the models. Most agencies take a cut running between 20%-50% of their model’s monthly income.
  • After an agreement on the prices, explain your services, rules, guidelines, and strategies to the client. We recommend you prepare a manual of all the mandatory points about your agency.
  • Remember not to leave any ambiguity and communicate all details personally.
  • Sign a contract covering data regarding compensation, model and agency rights, content rights, exclusivity, OnlyFans account information, etc.
  •  Offer training resources like guides, blogs, and tutorials to your models to help them start professionally with your agency.

Step Six: Start With Your OnlyFans Agency with The Right Team and Management Tools

As a beginner-level OnlyFans agency, we recommend you start your contract with a maximum of two or three models to test your services and their results. Moreover, along with hiring a team, consider employing talent management tools like massaging automation, data-driven insights, auto-followers, and content analytics tools to ensure a prominent growth in your client’s income.

Remember that operating an OnlyFans management and marketing agency is a procedure of continuous growth. You must keep your systems and services updated and scale your staff to keep up with the competition in the adult content industry.

P.S. How To Start an OnlyFans Agency? A step by Step Guide To Starting an OFM

Starting an OnlyFans agency is a lucrative business and an excellent opportunity to step into the money-making world of adult content customization. However, it is critical to follow proper steps to ensure a comprehensive and lawful launch of your OnlyFans agency.

With a proper online presence, a talented team, potential models, and advanced management tools, you can make thousands of dollars monthly. We hope this blog has helped you understand the step-by-step process of starting an OnlyFans management agency.

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